Bell Property Management Inc.
Our Services

Administrative Services

  • Assistance acquiring Master Insurance Policies from licensed and established Insurance Brokers and Agents.
  • Processing all insurance claims for review by Board of Directors and submission of approved claims.
  • Production and distribution of required notices for General Membership and Annual Meetings of the HOA membership.
  • Documentation of reported homeowner violations for review and action by the Board of Directors.
  • Prepares - as the Board directs - Letters of Notification regarding violations of the HOA's Rules and CC&R's
  • Maintenance of files and correspondence necessary for implementation of the Board directives.
  • Compilation of current homeowner name and address listings.
  • Receipt and processing of all telephone inquiries in a timely and professional manner.
  • Prompt and professional resolution Board and homeowner maintenance requests.
  • Maintain all correspondence, documents, vendor, and general files relating to the operation and management of the Association activities in such manner, as the Board directs.

Management Services

  • Operation of a 24–hour emergency telephone service. All calls responded to by an experienced property manager.
  • Regular On Site Property Inspections to identify any common areas requiring maintenance or repair.
  • Assistance in acquiring bids and quotations for the repair and maintenance of Association's common area.
  • Verification of all vendor Worker's Compensation, and General Liability insurance policies, as well as, compliance with necessary state licensing requirements.
  • Receipt, review and approval of vendor invoices.
  • Supervision of vendor obligations for recurring service and compliance with the contractual obligations.
  • Assistance in drafting, adopting, and revising rules and regulations which the Board deems necessary and prudent.
  • Assistance in forming and directing committees as may be required for the efficient operation of the Association.
  • Cooperation with the Board and its counsel regarding any proposed or pending litigation and including retention of Legal Counsel necessary to protect the Association's interests.

Financial Services

  • Financial Services Management Services, including: Monthly Financial Statements, Balance Sheets, Bank Reconciliations, Income and Expense Reports, Check Registers, Budget Comparison Reports, General Ledgers, Delinquency Reports, Reserve Account Status, and distribution of monthly billing to homeowners.
  • Collection and deposit of all funds received on behalf of the Association in a bank account held in the name of the Association.
  • Preparation of checks for signature and mailing by the Board.
  • Coordination with the Associations Certified Public Accountants to prepare annual tax returns and audits.
  • Prepare checks for signature and mailing.
  • Coordinate with the associations CPA to prepare annual tax returns and audits.
  • Preparation of annual 1099's, W-2's and Pro Forma budget. Compilation of information to appropriate vendor for preparation of Annual Reserve Study.
  • Enforcement of the Associations collection policy.